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It's ok we don't have to talk about it.
I can read the words that form a mask over your face
and you don't have to say it out loud.

I'm growing branches out of my head.
I trim them when I feel ashamed,
But I think that you really like them
you just never mention it out loud.

Don't let the nymphs possess you!

Your hate of absolutes you stole from a book, saying,
"Nothing ever is or is not.
Everything is just always changing,
so don't limit it by saying it out loud."

I'm eating dictionaries to calm the battles in my belly.
"My gut is grumbling for a revolution"
but I'm too busy thinking, drinking, entertaining myself
to chant that picketing slogan out loud.

I nodded off while you were putting on a record
and like a dream, your naked body was made of words.
The dinosaur sheets stuck to our sweat like capes
and our skin swirled in vinyl circles to Thesaurus Rex.
But if this is just a dream you forget as your eyes are opening.
then you can wake me when I'm dead...

I can read the words you hide pressed between the pages of your thighs,
where somewhere a soldier can't kill a man, because he's looking him right in the eyes.
So, you shut yours
when you're moaning out at your loudest.

Three worlds away the earth is shaking and the oceans are overflowing,
but all it is to me are some words on a page.
I just put more sugar in my coffee,
because I don't have to hear them scream out loud.

Don't let the nymphs possess you!

Bliss won't keep you from being taken advantage of
by the ones you swore were your friends.
The ignorant still feel sorrow,
they just can't explain it to you out loud.

So I'm filling these chords with so much charm
that even the boundaries of language will swoon,
because I've got to prove you wrong:
if you don't say it out loud, it doesn't exist at all.

I nodded off while you were working on that paper.
I dreamt the Earth and sky were dissolving into a dark white.
You picked the maggots from his eyes, one at a time
while I tried to save everyone with my toy guitar.
But if this world is just a dream you forget as your eyes are closing,
then you can wake me when I'm dead...

You're making a wreath out of branches you pull from my head.
I try not to wince so you won't notice the pain,
because I don't want you to stop.
So don't you say it out loud.

With my mouth in yours I'll help you form the words.
Until it bursts from your catchy vocal chords
and you sing it down my throat.

"You can't change the world with a line in a song.
You can't save the world with a line in a song."

You're the only drug that's ever taken me
and kept me sleeping sound next to you in your bed
without needing anything else to forget
all the subtle things that no one says out loud.
So you can wake me when I'm dead...


from Last Night I Dreamt Your Body Was Made of Words, released September 10, 2010




w o o l g a t h e r i n g Boston, Massachusetts


gathering wool to spin yarns.
depressing folk music that no one wants to listen to.
with really weird stories that are way too long and that no one can relate to.

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